How To Dispose of Old Furniture [Old Furniture Disposing & Recycling Options]

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Furniture that once brought us comfort can eventually become an eyesore, especially if it’s broken. 

Figuring out how to dispose of old broken furniture responsibly can feel overwhelming. 

This guide unveils eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for giving your unwanted pieces a new beginning. 

From creative reuse to eco-conscious disposal, we’ll explore various options to help your furniture make a graceful exit.

How To Dispose of Old Furniture?


When it comes to parting ways with old furniture, various eco-conscious options exist to ensure minimal environmental impact. 

Donating furniture in good condition to local charities or selling it through online platforms not only declutters your space but also gives your furniture a new lease on life. 

For materials that can’t be donated or sold, recycling offers a sustainable solution, converting wood, metal, and certain plastics into new products. 

Additionally, repurposing old furniture into new creations allows for creativity while reducing waste. 

Professional removal services are available for those seeking hassle-free disposal, ensuring old furniture is handled responsibly.

How to Dispose of Old Patio Furniture?

Sun, wind, and rain can wreak havoc on patio furniture, leaving it faded, cracked, or rusty. But before you toss it in the trash, consider if it can be salvaged.  

A little cleaning, repair, and a fresh coat of paint can work wonders on metal or plastic furniture.  

For wooden pieces, sanding and repainting can breathe new life into a tired-looking set. 

If the furniture is beyond repair but still usable, explore selling it online or donating it to a community garden project.

How to Dispose of Old Broken Furniture?

Broken furniture presents a unique challenge. If the frame is beyond repair but the cushions or hardware are still usable, don’t throw them away! 

Consider donating these items to charities or selling them online to people looking for parts for furniture repair projects.   

For furniture that’s too broken to use in any way, furniture scrap buyers offer a great solution.  

These companies specialize in dismantling furniture and recycling materials like wood, metal, and fabric, keeping them out of landfills.  

Finally, if the broken furniture is simply too cumbersome or unsafe to move yourself, professional furniture removal services can haul it away and ensure proper disposal.

Ways To Recycle Your Old Furniture

Recycling old furniture offers a practical solution to minimize waste and conserve resources. 

Here are some efficient ways to recycle your old furniture:

1. Local Recycling Centers: 

Contact your local recycling facility to inquire about their accepted items and drop-off procedures. 

Many centers accept various furniture materials, including wood, metal, and certain plastics, making it convenient to recycle your old furniture.

2. Manufacturer Take-Back Programs: 

Check if the manufacturer of your furniture offers a take-back program for recycling or proper disposal. 

This option supports companies committed to sustainability and ensures responsible disposal of old furniture.

3. Upcycling Projects: 

Get creative and repurpose your old furniture into new and useful items. 

Transform old wooden tables into stylish shelves or repurpose metal bed frames into garden trellises. 

Upcycling allows you to add unique touches to your home decor while reducing waste.

4. Community Recycling Events: 

Keep an eye out for community recycling events that accept furniture for recycling. 

These events provide opportunities for residents to dispose of large items responsibly and contribute to community sustainability efforts.

Take advantage of these recycling options to give your old furniture a new purpose while helping to protect the environment.

Ways to Reuse

Repurposing old furniture offers a creative and sustainable alternative to disposal. 

Here are several ways you can breathe new life into your old furniture:

1. DIY Projects: 

Get crafty and transform your old furniture into something new and useful. 

Convert an old dresser into a stylish storage bench, or repurpose wooden pallets into outdoor furniture. 

DIY projects allow you to unleash your creativity while giving old furniture a fresh look and purpose.

2. Home Decor Accents: 

Use old furniture pieces as unique decorative accents in your home. 

Turn an old door into a rustic headboard, or repurpose a vintage suitcase into a stylish side table. 

By incorporating old furniture into your decor, you add character and charm to your living space.

3. Storage Solutions: 

Old furniture can be repurposed to create practical storage solutions. 

Use an old bookshelf to organize shoes in your entryway, or repurpose a chest of drawers into a linen cabinet. 

Reusing furniture for storage helps declutter your space while maximizing functionality.

4. Outdoor Use: 

Extend the life of your old furniture by repurposing it for outdoor use. 

Transform old chairs into a cozy outdoor seating area, or repurpose a table into a potting bench for your garden. 

Outdoor furniture made from repurposed materials adds charm to your outdoor space while reducing waste.

Explore these creative ideas for repurposing old furniture and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Professional Furniture Removal Services


When it’s time to say goodbye to old furniture, professional removal services offer a convenient and efficient solution. 

Here are some reputable furniture removal services that provide eco-friendly disposal options:

1. Junk King: 

Offering full-service removal starting at $100 for small loads, Junk King ensures responsible disposal with transparent pricing and convenient scheduling.

2. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving: 

Known for efficient and eco-friendly removal, College Hunks provides upfront pricing based on item size and weight, making it easy to budget for your removal needs.

3. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?: 

With on-demand removal services and upfront pricing, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? offers hassle-free disposal for single items or full-property cleanouts.

4. LoadUp: 

Providing affordable removal starting at $80 for single items, LoadUp ensures stress-free disposal with professional Loaders handling all the heavy lifting and disposal.

Choose from these trusted providers to ensure your old furniture is disposed of responsibly and with ease.

Tips for Lowering Expenses for Professional Furniture Removal

While professional furniture removal services offer convenience, there are ways to minimize costs. 

Here are some tips for lowering expenses:

1. Consolidate Items: 

Combine multiple pieces of furniture into one load to minimize the number of trips required for removal. 

This can help reduce overall costs, as many removal services charge based on volume.

2. Disassemble Furniture: 

Break down larger items, such as bed frames or tables, to reduce their size and volume. Smaller pieces are easier to transport and may result in lower removal fees.

3. Compare Quotes: 

Shop around and obtain quotes from multiple removal services to find the best deal. 

Consider factors such as pricing, services offered, and customer reviews before making a decision.

4. Schedule Off-Peak Removal: 

Some removal services offer discounts for scheduling pickups during off-peak times, such as weekdays or mornings. 

Take advantage of these opportunities to save on removal costs.

By following these tips, you can lower expenses while still benefiting from the convenience of professional furniture removal services.


Parting ways with old furniture doesn’t have to be a chore for you or the environment. 

This guide has explored various eco-friendly and cost-effective options for giving your unwanted pieces a new lease on life.  

From creative reuse and responsible donation to professional removal services, there’s a solution that fits your needs and budget. 

So, the next time you find yourself surrounded by unwanted furniture, remember that with a little planning and resourcefulness, you can give your old furniture a graceful exit and minimize your environmental impact.


How do I get rid of an old dresser?

To dispose of an old dresser, consider donating it to local charities or thrift stores if it’s in good condition.
Alternatively, you can sell it through online marketplaces or garage sales.
If the dresser is no longer usable, contact professional furniture removal services or check with your local recycling center for disposal options.

What can you do with old tables?

There are several options for old tables depending on their condition.
If the table is still functional, consider donating it to someone in need or selling it through online platforms.
For tables that are damaged or no longer needed, explore recycling options through your local recycling center.
You can also repurpose old tables into new furniture or home decor items through DIY projects.

How do you get rid of an old chest of drawers?

To dispose of an old chest of drawers, start by assessing its condition.
If it’s still in good shape, consider donating it to charitable organizations or selling it.
For damaged or unusable chests of drawers, contact professional removal services that offer eco-friendly disposal options.
Additionally, check with local recycling centers to see if they accept furniture materials for recycling.

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