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You have junk & debris your curbside waste management service won’t accept or charges extra for. We have a solution! It’s time to think outside the rusty old metal dumpster box and try a dumpster bag! Load your waste into a dumpster bag and GREENBAGPICKUP.COM will pick it all up curbside for a low flat rate- we even recycle!

1. Purchase the dumpster bag of your choice.

Find dumpster bags at your local home improvement center or online. 

Don’t be fooled! Not all dumpster bags are reusable. *Single use bags cannot be returned.* We think our 3USABLE Dumpster Bag is the best, but we will gladly pickup up ANY brand, ANY color, ANY shape, ANY size dumpster bag from ANY manufacturer FOR LESS! Find a 3USABLE retailer near you. 

From which bag to choose to how to use it, this answers all your frequently asked questions.

Please follow the weight restrictions of your bag and ensure the straps meet after filling. Bags that have been overfilled may not be picked up and a non-refundable $50 fee charged to your account.

Do not fill your dumpster bag with hazardous or banned items.

Banned Items Include:

Food waste and household garbage, Oils, gasoline, fluids (including paint cans with fluid), or solvents, Propane tanks, Asbestos insulation, siding, or shingles, Batteries, Tires, Florescent bulbs or ballasts, Electronics, Medical/Toxic waste, Railroad ties, Yard Waste.

If you have any questions about the placement of your bag, or whats in it, give us a call at 855-BAG-PICKUP. We are happy to help!

***Customer is responsible for any fines as a result of disposing hazardous materials.

2. Fill your dumpster bag with junk, construction waste, or debris for disposal. 

Acceptable items include but are not limited to:

Junk Removal, Bulk Item Disposal, Waste from Moving & Estate Sales, Cleanouts of Basements, Attics, Closets, Sheds, Garages, Barns & Offices, Flood or Fire Damaged Items, Renovation & Construction Debris, Cabinets, Drywall, Roofing Materials, Siding, Flooring, Tubs, Toilets, Furniture, even the Kitchen Sink!

Heavy materials (stone, brick, masonry, concrete, asphalt shingles, etc) not accepted in all areas. To find out regulations and fees in your area, click here. In some areas dumpster bags containing these materials may have a slightly higher pickup fee based on disposal regulations. Do NOT fill your dumpster bag more than 1/2 full with these materials to ensure you don’t exceed the weight limitation of your dumpster bag. 

Yard waste and organic materials are NOT accepted in all areas and may be seasonal. You must adhere to all regulations regarding the disposal of these materials in your area. To find out if these materials are accepted in your location and for disposal regulations, please click here.

A note regarding fences: Our cranes can only reach over decorative fences no more than 4ft high. Do NOT place your bag in a yard behind a taller privacy fence, gated fence, or locked fence. Drivers must be able to acess your bag to attach the lifting straps to the collection crane for removal. 

Follow these simple rules to ensure your dumpster bag meets our pickup requirements:

1) Dumpster bag is ready for removal BEFORE requesting a pickup

2) Dumpster bag is free from banned items

3) Dumpster bag is properly filled & not overloaded: DOs & DON’Ts 

4) Dumpster bag is accessible to collection vehicle: Waiver & Placement Guidelines 

*Dumpster bags that don’t meet our pickup requirements may incur a $50 non-refundable trucking fee and may not be removed* 

3. Request your dumpster bag removal with GREENBAGPICKUP.COM.

Request your dumpster bag pickup online or by phone 855-BAG-PICKUP (855-224-7425). Our flat rate fees are the lowest around- we don’t hit you with taxes, fuel charges, or weight charges. Just follow our simple rules to ensure a smooth pickup.

We pickup ALL dumpster bags, even competitor’s bags, FOR LESS! 

All pickup requests should be completed WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS. You will always be provided with the first available timeslot. GREENBAGPICKUP.COM local service providers reserve the right to determine the exact pickup day/time within the 5 business day window. If you require service on a particular day, please call 855-BAG-PICKUP to make arrangements, additional fees may apply.

At times Mother Nature may throw things our way (storms, severe cold, winter snow/ice, etc) that prevent our collection vehicles from operating safely. This may lead to a delay in your dumpster bag pickup that we are not responsible for. Thank you for your understanding.

When you request a pickup with GREENBAGPICKUP.COM you can rest easy with the knowledge you are saving money and supporting your local economy. We work with local haulers to reduce fuel consumption and ensure your waste is always responsibly handled and recycled whenever possible. Check out our FAQs for more info.

Want to see how it works? Click here to watch a dumpster bag pickup (single use bag). We are in and out in just minutes ensuring minimal disruption to your day. In fact, you don’t need to be home at all!

We’re here to help! If you have ANY questions about the placement and contents of your dumpster bag, or need additional waste management services, such as removing banned items, call 855-BAG-PICKUP (855-224-7425).

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