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Whether containing hairspray, spray paint, bug spray, or whipped cream, aerosol cans can quickly add up in our home. While most people would simply toss an empty hairspray can in the trash, you should think twice before doing so. Throwing a can of hairspray in the trash can create dangerous conditions, due to the product itself, and the pressurized environment of an aerosol can. Not only can the aerosol explode and cause injury, but it can cause dangerous chemical reactions within a garbage load. So, what’s the safe solution for disposing of hairspray? In this article, we take a look at whether hairspray cans can be recycled, as well as alternatives to disposing of hairspray cans.

Can hairspray cans be recycled?


Hairspray cans can technically be recycled – meaning, there are no federal regulations that prevent you from doing so. However, you must make sure that your hairspray can is completely empty before recycling in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) tells us more on the conditions in which hairspray cans can be recycled:

“Most aerosol cans are steel containers pressurized with propellants, (e.g. butane). When the aerosol can is EMPTY, the propellant and the product are gone, so they are no longer hazardous and can be disposed of in the blue bin.”

Hairspray can recycling preparation

Now that we know that hairspray cans can be recycled, how can you prepare them for recycling? Thankfully, preparing an aerosol can for recycling is as simple as making sure all of the product inside is used up.

Earth 911 explains how you can prepare your hairspray can for safe recycling:

“Do your best to use up all the product inside. If the can still has product inside, even if it’s a nonhazardous product like whipped cream, your recycling program will not accept it. The easiest way to make sure it’s empty is to shake the can and listen for liquid inside, or spray until nothing comes out.”

Alternatives to recycling hairspray cans

Don’t want to risk throwing your hairspray can in the trash or recycling bin? Your best bet is to avoid buying aerosol cans in the first place, of course, by seeking out hairspray options that come in recyclable plastic packaging.

Granger Waste Services gives us another alternative to recycling aerosol cans:

“If you have cans that still contain quite a bit of product that you know you won’t use, donate it to someone who might need it. For example, spray paint could be donated to a local community theater or high school to be used for painting props.”

We offer a wide variety of waste disposal options, including how to safely recycle aerosol cans, with services readily available online. Reach out to us to see what we can offer you.

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