How To Dispose of Old Furniture [Old Furniture Disposing & Recycling Options]

How To Dispose of Old Furniture

Furniture that once brought us comfort can eventually become an eyesore, especially if it’s broken.  Figuring out how to dispose of old broken furniture responsibly can feel overwhelming.  This guide unveils eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for giving your unwanted pieces a new beginning.  From creative reuse to eco-conscious disposal, we’ll explore various options to help … Read more

How to Recycle Video Tapes [5 Best Ways To Recycle & Reuse]

How to Recycle Video Tapes

In a digital age where streaming services reign supreme, the fate of old VHS and cassette tapes often remains to be determined.  However, responsibly disposing of these outdated formats is crucial for environmental and space-saving reasons.  In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of recycling video tapes, offering practical tips on how to … Read more

How to Recycle Urine [5 Ways]

How to Recycle Urine

Every time you visit the restroom, valuable chemicals flush down with your urine. The human body produces nitrogen and phosphorus – vital nutrients for plant growth – in its urine! Recently, researchers from Finland have discovered a way to extract them efficiently and profitably. Urine is mostly water but contains urea, the chemical form of … Read more