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For people who are regularly active, a FitBit is a great device for tracking your activity progress. But what happens to your device when it’s run its course? Like lots of electronics, consumers often think the only appropriate place to dispose of their FitBit is by throwing it away. 

Actually, lots of gadgets have specific instructions to not throw it away into the garbage. To ensure you’re properly disposing of your Fitbit and giving it a second life, read on to see our advice on how to get rid of your FitBit or other electronic smart watches. 

Consider Selling Your Fitbit for Parts

Your Fitbit, like lots of electronics, can be donated or sold for parts. There are tons of facilities that accept used electronics that you can bring them to or just throw them in their electronics donation bin.

The gadgets are then sent to a processor that will pick apart each element and save the scraps for other purposes, like making new electronic devices. 

Sometimes, at their most raw state, metals can be melted down and repurposed. Your Fitbit can have a second life just by sending it off to a processing facility.

If your Fitbit is still in good condition, consider selling it online, like on Ebay, to customers who also break it apart and use its raw parts. 

Very Well Fit says that the raw materials in smart watches can be saved: 

Electronic gadgets contain potentially toxic metals and materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and plastics. If they have a battery, it also may have acid and other corrosive materials. Meanwhile, they may contain valuable metals such as gold, silver, palladium, copper, zinc, and tin that can be recovered and reused.”

When to Throw Out Your Fitbit

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There’s often a fine line between when to throw out your gadgets and when to sell or donate them second-hand. Consider whether your Fitbit is actually in good enough condition to give to someone else. 

If your device is still properly functioning, you most likely don’t need to throw it out. Try selling it online or donating to a second-hand store or pawn shop. 

If your Fitbit isn’t working at all and can’t be saved, then it’s time to dispose of it. 

Kris Naudus at Engadget gives a great tip of checking out if the manufacturer you bought it from offers a recycling program: 

Many other companies use outside recyclers to dispose of their products, and you’ll often see the same names popping up again and again across different manufacturers. This should simplify things in some cases — you should be able to send in products from multiple sources in one package. You just need to fill in the make and model to generate a prepaid shipping label.”

How to Dispose of A Fitbit

If your Fitbit has run its course and is ready to be thrown away, there are several options on how to dispose of it. 

The first option would be to throw it in the garbage, however, check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly do this. Throwing it in the garbage is not the environmentally-conscious choice, however. 

If you want to properly dispose of your Fitbit, take it to your local waste facility or several electronics stores that offer electronics disposal. They’ll have a bin onsite that you can put your Fitbit in, and it’ll be sent to the right recycling facility. 

Make sure when you’re about to throw out your Fitbit that all of the personal data is wiped off. This ensures you’re protecting your privacy. 

According to Shelby Brown at CNET, don’t skip the important step of backing up and erasing files off of your device: 

When you’re finished with batteries or a gadget, make sure it’s also finished with you. Even though it might be old, someone just needs a charger to reboot your old phone or computer to get to your personal data. The moral of this story: Make sure to back up anything you want off the device — photos, videos, songs — and then perform a factory reset.”

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