How to Recycle Essential Oil Bottles [6 Ways]

Essential oils are everywhere now. You can order them online and grab them at the health food store and some grocery stores.

When you are done with the precious oils inside, what do you do with the bottles? Do you throw them away, never to see them again?

When you’re done with them, don’t just throw them in the trash! There are many ways to recycle essential oil bottles.

Are you curious about how to reuse essential oil bottles? You can recycle them! Reused bottles are great for custom mixtures and distributing some of your oils with friends.

All you need to do is clean the containers and store them until needed – we’ll provide more information below!

Recycling these bottles is highly advocated by environmentalists as it helps reduce waste while still being able to utilize the oils’ benefits.

This blog post will discuss some of the best ways to recycle essential oil bottles.

Reasons to Not Throw Out Essential Oil Bottles

It can be tempting to discard an empty essential oil bottle in the recycling bin, yet this is not an ideal option.

Glass takes a lengthy time to decompose and remain intact for thousands of years; consequently, it will take up space in landfills for centuries!

Making more mindful decisions about how we dispose of our waste is one way we can all contribute positively towards preserving our planet’s natural environment.

Glass is known to degrade over time and releases toxic compounds into the environment, leading to potential soil degradation and water contamination.

Hence, we must recycle our empty essential oil bottles properly; doing so can help protect our planet for future generations.

Let’s make an effort to create a healthier tomorrow by responsibly disposing of glass materials!

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Creative Ways to Recycle Essential Oil Bottles

Don’t let those sitting essential oil bottles go to waste! With this list of fun and creative ideas, you can repurpose them in no time.

1. Use Them to Create Your Essential Oil Blends

If you are an avid essential oils enthusiast, no doubt there is a collection of empty glass bottles sitting idly on the shelf.

Before you recycle them away, why not give them new life by creating your very own custom blend? Not only is it super easy to do but also a great way to save some extra bucks!

Gather ten drops of desired essential oils and fill the 2-ounce bottle with a carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed oil.

Give it all a good shake for an effective mix, then voila! Your unique concoction awaits its use.

Enjoy your new concoction without delay, or store it in a cool, dark environment for later. Remember to label the bottles so you can identify their contents!

2. Make Travel-Size Bottles

When we travel, having our toiletries is integral. But toting around bulky bottles can be a hassle and save precious space in your bags.

An ideal way to save room while still getting all the essential essentials. Reuse those old essential oil containers as mini-containers for your travel toiletry kit!

Not only will you have everything ready, but it’s also an eco-friendly and efficient use of resources.

Need something to transport your toiletries for a trip? Look no further than these reusable bottles! Their compact size fits just enough soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion; plus, they are easy to clean – giving new life once you’ve rinsed out the old contents.

What’s more, you can label them so there won’t be any confusion about what each bottle holds.

3. Convert Them to Roller Bottles

Rather than adding them to the recycling bin, don’t let your empty essential oil bottles go to waste!

With some effort and a few supplies, you can give those containers a whole new purpose by turning them into useful roller bottles.

A glass cutter, super glue, and new caps from an online retailer or hardware store are all required for this clever upcycling project.

Start using a glass cutter to cut the bottom of the bottle delicately. Then, apply super glue to affix a new cap onto your freshly-cut edge.

Finally, pour in your precious essential oils and enjoy! Roller bottles are an amazing way to use essential oils externally, plus they make it simpler for you to bring them wherever you go.

4. Make Essential Oil Blends to Share With Others

Rather than discarding your old essential oil bottles, transform them into one-of-a-kind mixes to share with family and friends.

All you need to do is combine the oils in equal parts before giving them a good shake! With this method, bringing together unique combinations of aromas has never been simpler.

Remember to mark the container with your essential oil blend’s name and date of creation. To ensure you get the most out of this special combination, include any considerable benefits each oil offers!

5. Bring Them to a Local Glass Recycler

Essential oil bottles can be reused in various ways, and one option is to take them to your local glass recycler.

Bring the washed-out bottles with their lids removed, and they will sort them into small pieces known as “cullet” at the recycling center.

Cullet gets melted down for use in making new glass items afterward! Not only does this aid the environment – it utilizes resources efficiently too!

6. Send to Recycle Nation

Recycle Nation is a great option for recycling essential oil bottles. Their recycling process involves cleaning, sorting, and selling the materials to manufacturers who use them in their products, such as food packaging or cosmetics.

Recycling your essential oil bottles through this organization helps reduce waste and rewards you with discounts on future oils and other items purchases!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of creative and eco-friendly ways to recycle essential oil bottles. From making mini-containers for travel toiletries to creating your essential oil blends – the options are endless!

Before tossing out your used containers into the trash, take a moment and explore these recycling possibilities.

Doing so will benefit the planet and save you money in the long run. So the next time you’re ready to discard an empty essential oil bottle, remember to repurpose it!


When should you throw out essential oils?

Essential oils are resilient and can typically stay potent for up to two years, but if an oil contains one of the more volatile carrier oils, it could start to degrade earlier.

Some reported cases suggest that these special aromas may keep their potency for about 15 years! Many specialists recommend replacing your essential oils every three years to ensure you always use quality products.

Do essential oils eat away at plastic?

It is highly recommended to avoid storing undiluted essential oils in plastic containers, as certain properties present within the oil can corrode its container; this eventually leads to leakage and ruins the quality of your product.

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