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Nothing’s worse than hearing that loud shattering sound when you drop a glass, with tiny shards making themselves known all over the floor (and some seemingly hanging around for months). Your first instinct may be to throw the shattered pieces in the recycling bin with your other whole glass items. However, is this really the right way to dispose of broken glass, and more importantly, is it safe? We take a look at how to properly dispose of broken glass, so you’ll know how to make sure everyone stays safe when handling it.

Is Broken Glass Recyclable?

While there are many types of glass containers you wouldn’t think twice about recycling, there are many types of glass that are not recyclable – and that includes broken glass. Not only can some types of glass be classified as hazardous waste, but broken glass presents a big potential danger to workers that come to pick it up.

Caroline Biggs of tells us why broken glass most definitely cannot be recycled:

Is Broken Glass Considered Hazardous Waste?

While all broken glass is considered dangerous, not all of it is considered hazardous waste. However, depending on its composition, it just may be included in your neighborhood’s Household Hazard Waste program, and should not be thrown in the garbage. expands on why broken light bulbs in particular might be considered hazardous waste:

Note that depending on the type, lightbulbs may require special treatment. Incandescent and halogen lights usually go into the trash. Compact fluorescent bulbs contain materials that need to be processed differently, and they are included in your local Household Hazard Waste (HHW) program. They must be taken to a local HHW drop-off facility or saved for a recycling event.

How to Safely Dispose of Broken Glass

Now that you know you should not recycle broken glass, how do you safely dispose of it? Broken glass can be disposed of in the garbage, but there is a procedure you should follow in order to make sure anyone handling it doesn’t get hurt. tells us how they would recommend disposing of broken glass in the garbage:

1. Place the glass onto the cloth and wrap it securely so that it is covered.

2. Gently break into smaller pieces.

3. Lift and put it into your box.

4. If the box is big and there is a large gap, then put more cloth on top of the wrapped glass to keep it secure.

5. Close the box and seal with strong tape.

6. On the large white piece of paper, write the words “Danger. Broken glass in box” in red.

7. Attach danger sign to the box with tape.

8. Place on a high shelf until garbage collection day.

9. Make a reminder for yourself beside your garbage bin so you don’t forget to place the box of glass inside the bin for collection

GREENBAGPICKUP.COM is here to help when it comes to responsibly disposing of your items and providing you with guidelines on how to deal with potential dangers, such as broken glass.

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