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A commonly found object in washrooms, both at home and in the workplace, are large mirrors. They can be tricky to install and hard to get rid of – but knowing where to recycle or dispose of large mirrors can be helpful in clearing them out of your space. 

Can You Recycle Mirrors?

Mirrors can be recycled depending on your location, and it’s recommended that you check with your municipality to see what you can recycle. Large mirrors that are broken are usually thrown out and not recycled. 

Also consider reselling your large mirror online to extend its product life. You can also bring a large mirror that’s in good condition to your local thrift shop or donation center to pass it on to someone new. 

Recycle Coach highlights to ensure you’re recycling the right glass:

“Not all glass is the same. For example, window glass, mirrors and light bulbs contain chemicals that make them unsuitable for reuse at your recycling plant. Broken window and mirror glass can still be re-purposed, however, so do a bit of research before you chuck them in the trash. Look for local industrial manufacturers that accept broken glass – some facilities convert it into building materials, fiberglass and asphalt.”

What About Broken Mirrors?

It may not lead to bad luck, but a broken mirror must be handled carefully when you’re throwing it away. Make sure if you’re disposing a broken mirror to treat it the same way you would broken glass. 

If you’re throwing away a broken mirror, put the mirror in a plastic bag or something that it will not cut through and tape masking tape on all of the holes on the bag. For the sanitation worker who is throwing this away, this will keep them safe at work and avoid being injured by broken glass. 

Recycle BC says the best way to dispose of broken glass is to separate it from your other waste:

“Glass can easily break during collection. When broken glass mixes with paper and other containers, it becomes difficult to properly sort, and therefore recycle, these materials. Separating glass at curbside or delivering glass to depots helps ensure that more of it—and more of the other material—is recycled.”

How to Dispose of a Large Mirror

If it’s a broken mirror, do not break it any further. Separating it into smaller pieces to throw away will only harm you, as shattered glass shards can injure you easily. Instead, bag the broken mirror and any glass and cover with masking tape.

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If you’re trying to dispose of a larger mirror, separate it from your other waste. The best way to go about this if it’s a large mirror is to use a large bag, like a dumpster bag, and bring it to your local waste facility. 

If you’re looking to dispose of a large mirror, using a dumpster bag can ensure you’re throwing it out in a safe way. Check out our list of recommended products for more info

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