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There is a time when properties go old. No matter how good they were, you can’t use them forever.

One moment they were beautiful, making your house look nice. In a couple of years, they become a nuisance to your home. Your couch, together with other pieces of furniture, becomes broken, saggy, squeaky, and then you have to get a new one.

If you plan on getting new ones, you need a way to get rid of the old properties. That’s where the term “junk removal” comes in.

Junk removal means the process of removing unwanted features to a dump. When it comes to junk removal, certain services handle that at a price.

This article will educate you on the standard and average prices needed for the removal of junks in canada. It would also serve as a guide when you need to get rid of some junk in the future. 

How much does 1800 junk removal cost?

Understanding the estimated cost for removing unwanted properties would help you prepare ahead. Junk removal entails more than just removing junks from the yard.

There is a big difference between removing a few damaged items in your living room and getting rid of a yard-full of unwanted properties.

In shorter words, certain factors have to be considered. These  include:

  • The nature of the junk
  • The weight of the junk
  • Quantity of the junk
  • Additional services
  • Location 

These five factors affect the cost of a junk removal service. 

The nature of the junk has to do with what you are trying to get rid of. Is it dangerous to carry? Maybe you are trying to remove a hazardous item from your home-something that can be harmful to the health of the worker. It would probably affect the cost of removing it. 

The weight of the junk is also essential. Lifting and disposing items such as refrigerators and other heavy machinery will take a lot of time and energy. However, this would reflect on the average cost of removing those junk items.

Aside from that, the quantity of the junk item you want to remove is also another essential factor that is usually considered. How many junk items do you want to remove from your house? A yard full of junks will definitely cost more than just a rickety sofa.

Many junk removal companies offer additional services, some of which includes:

  • Moving services
  • Demolition services
  • After-hours service
  • Same-day service
  • Junk recycling

Finally , your location is another factor that affects junk removal prices. The area you want the services delivered also matters a ton.  The farther your location, the more it reflects in the final cost of service. 

Here is an estimated list of junk removal cost to help you prepare your budget:

  • The standard cost for removing mini junk items starts from $99. Mini items include lightweight items such as a mattress, old carpet, chairs, and so on.
  • For a whole truck full of junk items, it can cost up to $560.    
  • For heavyweight machinery and dangerous junks, there is always an additional cost.

How much does it cost to haul away a couch?

Is your furniture due for disposal? 

No matter how much you love something, one day you will let go. When your couch is old or damaged, there are only two options. 

The first option is to repair the couch by changing the body parts and replacing the damaged or weak ones with new products. 

The second option is to buy a new one and dispose of the old one. That’s usually the best and quickest option. Get rid of the old and damaged couch and replace it with a stronger and newer one.

Understanding the price estimate for furniture disposal will go a long way in preparing your mind when it is time to dispose of your old couch. 

Many junk removal companies would not just come out for only one piece of furniture, such as a couch. 

However, if they can come out to haul your couch away, they will charge you between $50 and $200 depending on your location. The average junk removal cost for a sofa starts from $75.

As said earlier, many factors affect the cost of removing a piece of junk furniture. When you receive a bill for the junk removal services rendered, understand that certain elements were considered, such as job difficulty, distance, taxes, and so on.

How much does junk in the box cost?

Removing the junk piled up in your garage or store isn’t an easy task. Maybe you are renovating or trying to clear out a room for another purpose, and you don’t know how to go about it.

This is an option for you. Junk in the box refers to a method of removing your old and unwanted from your house by:

  • Hiring a junk in the box container and removing it yourself.
  • Hiring a junk removal company to help you with the disposal.

The two options are great and useful. The only difference is that one is more stressful. In the first option, you have to do the lifting and dumping yourself. If you have the workforce at your disposal, you have no problem. 

However, if you don’t, it is advisable to take the second option. You hire a junk removal company such as Junk King, 1-800 GOT-JUNK, etc.

To hire a junk in the box container, it would cost as low as $200 or less depending on the size you want. 

On the other hand, for the more convenient option, the cost varies between $70 and $90 with an extra charge depending on some other factors mentioned earlier in this review.  

Another option is instead of removing it yourself, there are certain companies that can help you remove your junk items for as low as $30.


Junk removal is an inevitable process that is essential while: clearing your yard, creating a space for something else, renovating your apartment or condo and relocation from one house to another.

It’s easier to hire a junk removal company with the experience to relieve the stress of lifting, moving and dumping heavy or bulky junk items from your apartment.

I hope this guide helped you understand the cost of junk removal!

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