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Order Pick-Up Services

Pick-up services are the safest way to dispose of your waste right now. It involves fewer people going out and keeping yourself and everyone in your household safe.

A pick-up service usually involves one or two people with a dump truck who can come and pick up your large items for disposal. These workers will be wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and will keep their distance from you during the pick-up process.

The town of Strathmore, Alberta began a new waste disposal program that actually helps the town save money:

“In terms of composting services, the town saves about $70 on every ton that is delivered from the black bins into the green bins. That translates to a savings of $65,541 in 2019. The report also reveals that the town has a number of considerations to look at when addressing the issue of starting a blue bin program in Strathmore. Waste Management does provide recycling services for those who drop off items at the recycling facility, and curbside recycling for a fee.”

Make Sure Your Items Follow the Criteria for Pick-Up

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            Not everything you want to throw away can be picked up by a waste disposal team. If it’s small items, you may be able to go to your local waste facility and throw them out yourself. Things like electronics and batteries need to be disposed of at the waste facility so they can be properly recycled and disposed of. Given that there are stay-at-home orders in place, it’s best to wait until things open back up again before you go recycle these, though.

            Large home items, like mattresses and furniture, can usually be picked up depending on the service you want to use. Just leave it outside and sanitize as well as you can. If you have some sort of disinfectant, spray it onto your item. This may not always be necessary so check with the service you’re using to see what their protocol is.

Here’s how Waste Management outlines what items can be disposed of using a garbage pickup service:

“Sometimes you need to throw out things that are big or bulky. When you have items too large to fit in your normal collection container, schedule a bulk pickup from us. It’s easy, it’s convenient and we’ll help you figure out the best way to dispose of: Mattresses, Appliances, Furniture, Wood from remodelling projects.”

Use a Dumpster Bag

Even though your risk of being contaminated is low if you order a waste pick-up service, it’s fair to also be concerned for the health and safety of the pick-up service employees. If you want to be extra careful, you can rent or buy a dumpster bag, disinfect the bag, and place your item inside of it.

Disinfecting the bag gives the item an extra layer of protection, and the employees can simply pick up the bag and avoid coming into direct contact with your item. It may not be a hundred-percent effective, but it can help avoid possible contact with bacteria. 

We offer dumpster bag and pickup services at GreenBagPickup, here’s our service guarantee:

“We pickup ALL dumpster bags, even competitors, FOR LESS! We use LOCAL haulers to dispose the contents of your dumpster bag! We accept some items other companies don’t! We ensure the contents of your dumpster bag are always responsibly handled and recycled or composted when possible! We empty and return dumpster bags when safe to do so (*dependent upon type of dumpster bag serviced, contents & condition). We don’t make you wait around for us to show up. In fact, you don’t have to be home at all for service!”

Contact us to see what waste disposal services we can offer you.

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