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Do you have an old PC lying around the house? Think twice before tossing it in the trash. While an old laptop or desktop computer may no longer have any use to you, it contains all sorts of toxins that are damaging to the environment. Plus, your trash may be another person’s treasure, especially if your PC is still in working condition. In this article, we take a look at how to safely get rid of an old computer, and whether or not they can be recycled.

Don’t Just Throw Your PC in the Trash

We cannot stress enough the importance of not tossing your PC in the trash. Computers not only contain toxins, but will never break down over time. This will leave them permanently lying in a landfill, causing much more harm than good.

Lifewire tells us more on why PCs do not belong in the trash under any circumstances:

“The Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and other various computer components are not good for the environment. When you’re ready to trash your old PC, check with your local sanitation department for rules and regulations regarding electronics disposal. Sometimes a disposal fee’s required, but there are many free options out there too.”

Sell It

Selling your old computer for a few extra dollars is never a bad idea – if it’s in working condition, of course. Others may wish to purchase your old PC for parts, or to fix it up and resell it themselves. There are also several major companies that will buy your used PC from you, broken or not. explains how you can get a few extra dollars from your broken PC:

“With your machine back to its original state, you can now list it on eBay or Craigslist. If those don’t suit you, there are several other options. Amazon’s trade-in site is great for selling unwanted iPads, if you’re okay with receiving an Amazon gift card as payment. However, for most laptops it’s not a great option. While Amazon does offer meager sums for select Chromebooks, MacBooks and ThinkPads, most laptops are not eligible for trade-in.” 

Recycling Your Computer


It’s important to make sure that you have consulted with a reputable company about how and where they will dispose of your old computer. While some companies may get rid of your PC for you, they are simply shipping it elsewhere where irresponsible recycling practices are taking place. tells us more about why you need to be wary of companies that are not using proper practices when recycling your computer:

“If you opt to recycle it, keep in mind that some recyclers will simply take your old machine and ship it over to developing nations where children are often used to scavenge piles of e-waste looking for valuable components. To avoid contributing to this irresponsible practice, use a recycler that has been certified by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) as meeting the R2 standard, or is part of the “e-Steward” network, meaning they don’t export to places like Pakistan or China, and they follow other high standards. Many of them also will reuse and refurbish electronics. Staples is an e-Steward Enterprise and will recycle laptops and other consumer electronics for free.”

We offer a wide variety of waste disposal options, including how to correctly recycle your old computer, with services readily available online. Reach out to us to see what we can offer you.

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