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With Apple releasing a total of twenty iPhones over the past several years, there is a constant demand for newer and shinier models. In fact, the average iPhone tends to only be a total of two-years old when it’s traded in. And while some iPhones are traded in in perfect working condition, others are not usable when their owner is ready to part with them. So, what is the best way to properly dispose of an iPhone? In this article, we take a look at the eco-friendly ways in which iPhones can be disposed of. 

Check Out Apple’s Recycling Program

Apple itself offers a recycling program that allows customers to trade-in eligible devices for credit, allowing them to offset the purchase price of a new one. If it’s not eligible for credit, this convenient recycling program is a great way to recycle your old iPhone for free. tells us more about Apple’s recycling program:

“Apple has acknowledged the issue of e-waste and back in 2014, the company collected more than 40,000 tons of electronic rubbish. Apple has also taken steps to offer solutions for its consumers. Apple’s Recycling Program is managed by a third party, PowerON Services, and gives customers the chance to return their phones. The company assesses the value of the phone and takes it back in exchange for an Apple Store Gift Card matching the item’s fair market value. The company will generally accept any Mac or PC product for it’s recycling program.” 

E-Waste Charity Fundraisers

E-waste charity fundraisers are a great way in order to recycle your old iPhone, while doing something good for your local community. This is especially ideal if your old iPhone is not in usable condition, and could not be refurbished or sold for a few extra dollars. explains how e-waste charity fundraisers work:

“Local service organizations (such as Rotary or Lion’s Clubs) and non-profits (for example, schools, churches, and scouting organizations), often schedule e-waste collection days. For a small fee these organizations will take your e-waste, make sure it is recycled, and use the fees collected to support their activities.”

Recycling & Donation


If you don’t plan on using Apple’s recycling program, it’s important that you recycle your old iPhone properly. iPhones contain toxic chemicals that cannot be disposed of along with the rest of your household recycling. If your iPhone is in working condition, consider donating it to a friend or family member who’s in need of a new phone.

We Live Security tells us how you can safely recycle your iPhone on your own:

“Be environmentally responsible. If you plan to dispose of the device, don’t just throw it away. Look for places that recycle used electronic devices. They contain valuable resources that can be used in manufacturing future devices. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can check with the manufacturer’s website or your government should have reasonable advice. If you are not planning on handing a still functional device on to a relative or friend, consider donating it. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and after all, it is the season to be jolly, so why not share the cheer with someone less fortunate?”

We offer a wide variety of waste disposal options, including how to correctly dispose of an old iPhone, with services readily available online. Reach out to us to see what we can offer you.

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