How to Get Rid of Treadmill?

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A treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment commonly used by many people for indoor workouts. 

It is a fun way to burn some calories every morning before work. Instead of going outside to exercise, you can do it indoors. 

As useful as it is, you cannot use it forever, unlike some other exercise devices such as kettlebells and resistance bands, which can last for a long time. 

In this article, we will discuss the best ways to get rid of our old treadmills.

What to do with old exercise equipment?

Old exercise equipment like a treadmill and exercise bike can take up unnecessary space in your home, especially when the exercise equipment is broken or not in use. You cannot allow an old useless treadmill lying around in your home, else they constitute a nuisance. 

These are four different things to do with your old treadmill.

  • Consider selling your old treadmill

Many people are looking for a used treadmill to buy because a new one is costly. Instead of allowing your old treadmill to rust away in your garage, you can sell to someone at affordable pricing. 

Some companies are in the business of buying and selling used exercise equipment, making it easier to sell. Try to locate a trusted and reputable company that buys and sells used exercise devices and sell to them. You can also sell on Craigslist or organize a small garage sale adding a few other items to sell.  

  • Consider donating your used treadmill

Since you plan to buy a new one, donating your old treadmill shouldn’t be too difficult. But, it is not advisable to donate an old treadmill, which is spoilt and not in good working condition.

However, if it is still working fine, you can donate to a gym center that is in need of one. Try to find gym centers in your areas, and discuss with them. It is possible that a member of their gym needs a treadmill but cannot afford a new one. 

You don’t even need to stress yourself carrying the treadmill around because there are specific organizations that specialize in picking donations.

  • Consider labeling it as junk

If your old treadmill is damaged beyond repair, it means that it is useless. Therefore, consider giving it away as a junk material. 

Some companies specialize in getting rid of junk items at an affordable cost depending on your location. Besides, these companies may also sell the items as scrap metal to companies who deal with recycling.  

  • Give someone 

It won’t hurt if you give someone your old treadmill provided it is still working. Since you can afford a new one, you should be able to offer the old one to a neighbor or gym colleague for free.

Some web platforms also allow people to offer their properties for free.

How to dispose of a used Treadmill?

The first thing that comes to mind when you have an old device is to throw it away. No one loves to see old equipment lying around a space they may put to better use. 

However, there are other alternatives to disposing of used equipment like a treadmill. 

Here are a few tips on how to dispose of a used treadmill.

Step one

Before making your decision, try to ask your colleagues, relatives, siblings, or neighbors, whether they want your treadmill. Someone in your circle may need a treadmill as a way to exercise.

Selling it to someone can also stand as another alternative for you. Sell at a very cheap rate to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Step two

Do you know that some online platforms specialize in selling used equipment like your old treadmill? As long as your treadmill is working and repairable, you will get a reasonable rate from websites such as UsedGymEquipment.

Step three

Certain charity organizations can benefit from your old treadmill. Consider donating your old exercise equipment to a charity. They will sell it as scrap to a company that needs it in exchange for money. Try to locate charitable organizations such as Sports Gifts Inc. and Fitness 4 Charity and donate it.

Step four

Typically, whether online or offline, posting an ad can help you get rid of your used treadmill. You can place a notice beside your mail post outside your home. Also, there are many websites where you can post ads for free and get rid of your old treadmill. 

How to get rid of a broken treadmill?

When a piece of equipment gets broken, there are only two options available: Repair or remove. 

Many people believe that once a device is broken, it loses its quality and thereby needs to be replaced with a new one. 

Instead of throwing away your broken treadmill, you can use one of the ways mentioned below to get rid of your treadmill.

Who needs a broken treadmill?

  • Companies who sell metal scraps
  • Companies who recycle materials
  • Gym centers 
  • Companies who sell used equipment 
  • Companies that specialize in repairing devices.

Most times, people end up throwing away their old exercise equipment because they believe no one would need it. Before making any decision, you must understand that many parties will benefit from your broken treadmill.

If your treadmill is broken without repair, gym centers, repair shops, and companies who sell used materials will not benefit. But recycle companies will benefit significantly from it. 

Note that leaving your old treadmill lying just anywhere is a dangerous act. This is because treadmills contain chemicals that can cause air pollution. Here are five ways to get rid of your broken treadmill:

  • Sell to a company that deals with scrap metal. This company will dismantle and sell it off to a company that needs it.
  • Donate to gym centers. Gym centers are places where people go to exercise their bodies. They can repair your broken treadmill and add it to the ones in the gym.
  • Give to companies who deal with recycling. 
  • Sell to companies who deal with used materials.
  • Donate to companies who specialize in repairing broken materials. 


Some things that are of no use to you might be useful to other people.

 In this article, we have discussed several ways on how to dispose of your old treadmill. Restrain from tossing your used equipment anywhere to avoid causing pollution to the environment. 

Use this article as a guideline on how to get rid of your treadmill.

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