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The brands Keurig and Nespresso are now synonymous with single-serve coffee machines. And whether or not you agree with the use of machines that require disposable pods, we think we can all agree that they are incredibly convenient. Even though a machine that requires pods seems wasteful (and puts a large dent in your wallet), there are fortunately ways to both recycle and reuse your Nespresso pods. In this article, we take a look at how to properly dispose of Nespresso pods, including how to recycle your used pods with Nespresso’s very own recycling program. Keep reading to find out more!

Nespresso’s Capsule Recovery System


Nespresso’s Capsule Recovery System involves separating your Nespresso pods into Nespresso’s own green recycling bag, which can then be placed in your bin with the rest of your recyclables. While this program isn’t available everywhere, it is incredibly convenient for those areas that are lucky enough to be included.

Nespresso tells us more about their Capsule Recovery System on their website:

“This project offers a capsule recycling solution from the comfort of your home. Currently, only members located in specific zones are able to participate in this initiative. The used capsules are placed in a plastic bag that was designed specifically for this project and that is, of course, recyclable. This bag is then placed in the household recycling container. The bags containing the capsules are then sorted at a waste-sorting facility where they undergo a unique technological process that separates the coffee grounds from the aluminum.”

Other recycling options

Are you outside of a Nespresso targeted zone? You may still be able to avoid throwing these environmentally damaging pods into your garbage bin, as more and more recycling centers are taking the initiative and recycling your Nespresso pods for you. 

Digital Trends gives us additional options for recycling your Nespresso pods:

“Note that you may not have to rely only on Nespresso for recycling. Nespresso has been working with cities like New York to help equip their recycling centers to handle Nespresso capsules. In these cases, you can just put your capsules in your recycling bin along with all your other recyclable materials and let your city sort it out – literally.”

Reuse the pods

Last but not least, it is technically possible to reuse your Nespresso pods – just don’t expect the same great taste after the first use. While not necessarily recommended, you can reuse your Nespresso pods up to three times for a weaker cup of coffee.

Nespresso Guide explains how to reuse your Nespresso pods:

“Probably the right amount of reuses is 2, maybe 3. It depends on how picky you are about the quality of coffee. It is surely not advised to reuse any capsule if you want a perfect cup of coffee each time as there’s no guarantee as with new capsules that the brewing will be even and regular. Also, you should only pack the capsule before you want to brew it or the coffee will start losing flavours once exposed to the air (it’s not vacuum-sealed anymore). Fine coffee lovers should stick with proper reusable capsules or keep the capsules to their intended use: a single-serve cup of coffee.”

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