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Many people are usually at a loss as to how to dispose of diapers properly. Disposing of diapers haphazardly in the environment is destructive because due to the nature of the materials and chemicals used in making them, diapers can take over 500 years to decompose. Furthermore, the absorbent characteristic of diapers means they can absorb groundwater, which can be especially tragic in places like landfills where millions of diapers are buried.

In this article, we discuss the best steps you should follow in disposing of your diapers properly.

Number Two Belongs in the Toilet


If you are not sure how to dispose of diapers, putting the poop in the toilet is the first step. World Health Organization regulations discourage people from disposing of poopy diapers because human poop is a health risk. When poop gets into water bodies or our hands, we are at risk of contracting diseases from viruses such as hepatitis, sapovirus, and polio. explains how and why we should put diaper contents in a toilet:

“Though nearly every mom skips this step, fecal matter is not supposed to end up in landfills for the reasons outlined above. Regardless of which disposal method you choose below, bear in mind that the first step in tossing a diaper should ALWAYS be dumping the contents in the toilet and rinsing the diaper. To do this, dump or gently shake feces into the toilet and flush.”

Secure Poopless Diaper and Seal it Off

After ridding the diaper of poop, you should carefully wrap it up and put it in a sealed bag or container such as a diaper pail, Ziploc bag, airsick bag, or plastic grocery bag. Wrapping and keeping the diaper in a sealed container or bag helps reduce or eliminate the odor.

Michigan State University advises us that we should put the used wet wipes and the diaper in a sealed bag ready for disposal:

“Put the dirty wipes and diaper (if it is disposable) into a plastic bag, then seal and throw out with the trash. If a reusable cloth diaper is being used, place it in a hands-free covered can or diaper pail that is lined with plastic. Don’t place diapers on the floor, bed or any other surface. Put them directly into a plastic bag or diaper pail.”

Dispose of the Diaper

The method you use to dispose of diapers may depend on your location, seeing as you cannot simply throw them away. If you are traveling, you may have to hold onto the diaper a little longer. tells us how to dispose of diapers based on our location:

“If you’re at home, your bag of dirty diapers will of course go in the trash can when it’s full. But if you’re out for the day or traveling, try to put it in an outdoor public trash can when possible, or hold on to it until then. If you’re flying, ask a flight attendant when and where to dispose of it safely and never throw dirty diapers away in the wilderness; they’ll cause pollution.”

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