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While it’s always important to make sure that you’re disposing of any electronics properly, there’s a little more involved when you dispose of a plasma TV. Plasma TVs contain cells that are filled with small amounts of neon or xenon gas. The picture on your TV is then created by a white phosphor coating, which turns the UV light produced by these gases into visible light. While interesting, this makes for the proper disposal of these products even more necessary. We’re going to take a look at the proper way to dispose of a plasma TV, so you can feel confident that you’ve done the right thing.

What Happens to TVs That Are Not Recycled?

You may think that putting your old TV out to the curb to be picked up with the rest of your trash is the right thing to do. After all, it’s trash day, right? Unfortunately, disposing of a TV this way can have an extremely negative impact on the environment.

SFGate talks about what happens when someone fails to recycle their TV set when disposing of it:

Consider Donating It

Before we talk about how to recycle your plasma TV, consider donating it. If your TV is in working condition, it’s likely that it will be accepted by a secondhand store. This can give someone else the opportunity to enjoy an item that you no longer have a need for.

Earth911 talks about why donating versus recycling is often the best idea:

“If your large electronic item still works, consider donating it. Reuse is a great way to reduce the ecological impact of any manufactured product. Secondhand stores will often accept used electronics in working condition. Most donation outlets will not accept cathode ray tube (CRT, or tube) televisions.”

How to Recycle Your Plasma TV

If you’ve ruled out donating your TV, recycling it the environmentally responsible way is your next best option. Of course, there are ways in order to do this properly, which do not involve putting it out to the curb, as we’ve previously mentioned. Companies like GREENBAGPICKUP.COM are able to pick up your plasma TV and recycle it at the right facility for you.

GorillaBins expands on how to go about having your plasma TV recycled in “Recycling Your Old TV is a Good Option”:

“…the most eco-friendly way to properly dispose of an old TV set is to recycle it. This is particularly the case if your old TV has several defects or doesn’t work at all. Furthermore, the easiest and most convenient way to recycle your old TV set is to call a local junk removal company. Junk removal companies specialize in removing unwanted electronic items from residential and commercial properties, and many practice eco-friendly recycling methods that ensure most of the e-waste is recycled in order to reduce waste and pollution.”

If you have a plasma TV that you need taken off of your hands, please give us a call before you put it out to the curb. GREENBAGPICKUP.COM will not only pick up all dumpster bags, but make sure that everything inside of them is responsibly disposed of.

We know and understand your community’s regulations and will work with them in order to make sure we are recycling your no longer needed items the most eco-friendly way possible. Check out what we’re all about here.

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