What is a Dumpster Bag?

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Soft sided dumpster bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), bulk bags, construction debris bags, junk bags, fold up dumpsters, portable dumpsters, etc. are made from a flexible woven material that makes owning a personal dumpster possible. These heavy duty debris bags truly make construction waste disposal or other debris removal, such as junk from moving and cleanouts, EASY- Great for contractors, homeowners, renters, and businesses alike! Disposable dumpster bags are for single use, while some are multi-use.

After all your feedback we have developed our own REUSABLE dumpster bag! We empty it on site and leave it for you to use again and again. So stop wasting money with single use dumpster bags and give them a try! With a variety of dumpster bags to choose from, you are sure to find a dumpster bag that fits your needs. For more info see our FAQs.

Our 3USABLE Dumpster Bag- its REUSABLE!

3 cubic yard (multi-use)
You asked for it and we delivered!  Packaged right here in the USA! All the convenience you love in a bag you can RE-USE!Click for product information and retailers near you or cleaning companies that offer them.

Other Common Dumpster Bags

We pickup these too, FOR LESS! Save up to $35 off the national competitor when we pickup their bag!

3 cubic yard                                              1.5 cubic yard                                             3 cubic yard      (single use)                                                (single use)                                                 (single use)

Why Use a Dumpster Bag?

Fits in places dumpsters can’t!     -Portable dumpster bags are great for tight jobs and urban areas!Available when you need it!     -Compact design stores small until you need it!Cost Effective!     -Often costs less than a dumpster or junk removal service for small to medium size jobs, even construction!No rental fees!     -One time purchase price and you own it! Your very own personal dumpster! No rush!     -Take as long as you want to fill it, no permit required!                                   *In most areas, always comply with local regulationsMultiple shapes & sizes!     -With a variety of dumpster bags on the market, one is sure to fit your needs! 

Why Use GREENBAGPICKUP.COM’s Dumpster Bag Disposal Services?

(instead of the other guys)

We pickup ALL dumpster bags, even competitors, FOR LESS!We use LOCAL haulers to dispose the contents of your dumpster bag!We accept some items other companies don’t!We ensure the contents of your dumpster bag are always responsibly handled and recycled or composted when possible!We empty and return dumpster bags when safe to do so (*dependent upon type of dumpster bag serviced, contents & condition)We don’t make you wait around for us to show up. In fact, you don’t have to be home at all for service!
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