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Are you about embarking on your first home renovation? Perhaps in your case, it is just a cleanup, and you’re looking to get the debris out of your home? We have good news for you! You don’t have to rent a dumpster to get it done.

Yes, you don’t have to. Everything you want to do can be done with simple, functional, built-for-the-purpose bags. And what are those?

Bull bags!

What Are Bull Bags?

Bull bags are foldable 77×77×52 inches of trash bags that are highly efficient for post-renovation processes.

Bullbag LLC makes bull bags, and the bags are mostly used for job-site cleanup. Bull bags weigh about 11.2 ounces, and they are an ideal solution for holding the cleanout debris, waste, and renovations debris from your home. They are also useful in remodeling and other primary household cleanup purposes.

Bull Bags Vs. Metal Dumpsters

Metal dumpsters can serve the purpose of clean up for your renovations. However, they have some disadvantages that make them unsuitable for most of your objectives. This is why you have to look elsewhere to meet those needs.

The bull bag quickly makes up for most of these shortcomings of metal dumpsters. For instance, metal dumpsters are heavy and tricky to transport. You might need extra hands, or even a truck to get them home. However, bull bags are much lighter yet offers practical solutions. 

You can pick bull bags up and easily transport them to anywhere where they are needed without much stress. 

That is not all- Do you want to know the best part? Bull bags are reusable, so once you buy them, you can use them over and over again for your cleanups and renovations.

How Much Weight Can A Bull Bag Support?

The bull bag can hold up to 4,500lbs of debris that spans as wide as eight cubic yards (8cm3). That’s about two and a quarter tonnes of weight. Quite a lot, isn’t it?

Are you already thinking about getting a bull bag for yourself? Cool! We know where you can get your bull bag.

Where Can I Get My Bull Bags?

What better place to get your bull bags than the source itself. The Bullbag, LLC.

Bullbag, LLC was established in 2002. Since then, the company has displayed its undying commitment to keeping our world clean. The brand recognizes the need to keep things new and fresh. They desire that the outcomes of such renovations are pleasing to behold. If you need to get bull bags for any of your projects, then Bullbag, LLC, should be your first point of call.

You are just some clicks away from buying your bull bag. Visit their official page www.thebullbag.com. You will surely see a bull bag that catches your fancy

You can also get your bull bag from Amazon. It’s great as you can find customer reviews, a wide variety of bull bags, and occasional special offers. To shop for your bull bags on Amazon, click here.

How Much Does A Bull Bag Cost?

The prices of bull bags vary according to the location and with the size of the bull bags. 

For instance, for places like Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhodes Island, the cost of bull bags ranges from $169 to $389. The same goes for areas like Catskills, Nassau, Putnam, and Rockland Counties in New York.

In Florida, the price can range from $159 to $319, depending on the location.

In Suffolk County, New York, a bull bag is usually priced in the range of $219 to $379.

How Do I Make Use of a Bull Bag?

Wondering how to use your bull bag. These steps will guide you on how to make use of your bull bag:

  1. Buy your bull bag: The first thing you need to do is purchase a bull bag. You already know the cost and where you can get it from, so that shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Unfold your bull bag: As you already know, the bull bag is foldable. What you have to do now is unfold your bull bag. After you have done this, you can proceed to set it up. You do this by inserting the PVC poles that come with the bull bags into the corner pockets of the bull bag.
  3. Complete the setup of your bull bag: You will need to insert the secondary poles as well. Do this by moving from corner to corner, then left to right.
  4. Choose a suitable spot for your bull bag: Before you start loading your bull bag, it will be wise to consider where you will place it.

There are two factors you want to consider here:

  • How close is it to where I need to heap the pile of debris?
  • How close will it be to where the truck can access?

The reason for this is that the bull bag has to be within 18 to 20 feet from the truck’s access point. The truck that will come around to pick up your bull bag after you have loaded it will need the space to pick your bull bag.

5. Load your bull bag: After you have selected a good position for your bull bag, you can begin to load it with the debris and waste from your home remodeling or construction project.

When you’re through with filling up your bull bag, the next step is to make the call to have your bull bag picked up.

How Can I Schedule My Bull Bag Pick-Up?

Scheduling a pick-up is pretty straightforward. you only have to make a   call through to Bullbag LLC via their official mobile- 1-866-414-BULL or 754-600-5115. You can also visit their official website- www.thebullbag.com to make your pick up request.

You can also download the Bullbag LLC application on your mobile to make your buying and pick up scheduling even more comfortable.

Can I Get A Discount on My Pick-Up?

Yes, if you pick up your bull bag at the same time and the same location with some other bull bag users, you can get a discount on your pick-up.

Does Home Depot Pick Up Bull Bags?

Yes, Home Depot can pick up your bull bag. All you have to do is put a call through and schedule a pick-up.

Clearing your cleanup and renovation sites has never been easier. Bull bags provide the most comfortable and most affordable solutions for you. So next time you’re thinking about clearing your home renovation sites, think bull bags.

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