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As developments and neighborhoods spring up daily, we have to think up efficient means of waste disposal.

Whether it’s household garbage or debris from a home remodeling, you can’t just throw your waste out on the street (without incurring a hefty fine that is). So, solutions to how to effectively and efficiently store, transport, and safely dispose of this waste. It is crucial not to consider safety and not endanger the health of residents in the process.

The two most popular solutions were the dumpster and dumpster bags. They solved the issue of storing, transporting, and disposing large amounts of waste at dumpsites.

Now some people are unsure about which option to choose, the reputable dumpster or the seemingly newer dumpster bag. Rest easy while we give you some pros and cons on each side of the matter and review some amazing products on Amazon.

Using a dumpster bag

So let’s start with the basics. Dumpster bags are sturdy, woven, portable bags that come in different sizes and capacities. Dumpster bags are made from a sturdy, flexible material, which is usually polypropylene. They can be used to hold a wide variety of waste and debris, which is later picked up for disposal by a waste disposal agency.

This means that dumpster bags are typically made for single-use and should be appropriately disposed of when full. However, they can be reused several times, especially for large jobs such as garden excavations.


✓ Time factor: Most rental dumpsters come with a 10-day rental period. Anything longer than that incurs an extension fee, so for longer projects, you may consider using dumpster bags.

✓ Suitable for small jobs: Dumpster bags are convenient for small, DIY jobs like clearing out the garage or minor gardening work.

✓ Space: Dumpster bags are more modest than dumpsters and therefore take up less space.


× Cost: Though at first glance using a dumpster bag is cheaper than a dumpster rental, when you figure in the pickup fee, it may add up to a pretty steep figure.

× Capacity limit: Dumpster bags are smaller than the average roll-off dumpster. Therefore they aren’t the best option for bulkier projects.

× Material restrictions: Unfortunately, you can’t just throw anything into a dumpster bag. Certain items such as paint, propane tanks, appliances, chemicals, and hazardous waste can never be placed in a dumpster bag.

× Weight limit: With a maximum weight limit of 3300lbs for a three cubic yard dumpster bag, you may need to bring in a dumpster rental if you want to do some heavy work.

× Pick up: Unlike roll-off dumpsters that can be placed conveniently along the street and picked up, dumpster bags have to be placed in areas easily accessible by the pickup crane. That means an area with an 18ft overhead clearance and within the 16ft reach of the crane.

Using a dumpster

Rental dumpsters have been around for a long time and are the go-to when dealing with large projects. They are available in various forms of shapes and sizes but are known for having large capacities and being able to handle almost any type of material.

Dumpster rental services typically come with a stipulated time frame, after which you have to pay a daily or weekly extension fee for continued use of their services. 

A 10-yard roll-off dumpster holds more debris than a dumpster bag, up to three times as much. The weight limit is as much as 3 tons, meaning it can keep more waste than a dumpster bag.


✓  Larger volume capacity: A 10-yard roll-off dumpster can hold up to 3 times the size of a dumpster bag. This makes it ideal for large jobs or disposing of bulky items like furniture.

✓ Sturdiness: While dumpster bags are built to withstand a large amount of weight and stress, they can’t stand up to the strength of a dumpster.

✓ Cheaper services: While buying a dumpster bag is less expensive than renting a dumpster, and when factoring in disposal costs, a dumpster is the better option.

✓ Higher weight capacity Most dumpsters can hold between 1 to 3 tons of debris (about 2000-6000lbs). A large-sized bags can hold a maximum of 3300lbs.

✓ More convenient to pick up: Dumpsters require only a 12-foot garage for easy pickup, unlike dumpster bags, which have more complicated requirements.


× Too big for small jobs: Renting a dumpster for small jobs is a waste of money since you still have to pay the same price for a pickup whether it is full or not.

× Not ideal for long jobs: Like I previously said, dumpster rental contracts come with time limits. Using their services beyond the stipulated time incurs an extension fee. So if you know you’re planning any job longer than two weeks, you might want to look for a cheaper alternative.

× Takes up space: Dumpsters are quite larger than dumpster bags and take up a lot of yard space, which is not particularly appealing to most people.

Bagster vs. Dumpster

Volume capacity

Dumpsters are larger than most dumpster bags and commonly come with a capacity of 10 cubic yards. The average dumpster bag only has a capacity of 3 cubic yards.

Weight capacity 

Dumpsters can handle between 1-3 tons of weight (about 2000-6000lbs). A 3 cubic yard dumpster bag can carry a maximum of 3300lbs of debris.


Dumpsters are typically more widely available than dumpster bags. Check your local and find the services available to you.

Material restrictions 

Both have similar material restrictions and should not contain hazardous chemicals, batteries, paint, solvents, and so on. These restrictions may vary from place to place, though.


Merely purchasing a dumpster bag is cheaper than renting a dumpster, but if you factor in the disposal cost, you may see that renting a dumpster might be a better short term idea.

Best Bagsters on Amazon

1. Greendale 3 Pack of 132 Gallon Bags

This is an excellent product from the Greendale company, which boasts of a sturdy and durable polypropylene woven fabric body—coated with water-resistant polyethylene to prevent leakage of liquids contents from the bag during the process of storage or transport. Each bag can hold as much as  132 gallons without any tear or sag.

The Greendale bag is made with a reinforced double bottom layer to prevent it from tearing even at full capacity. It also features sturdy handles at the top and bottom, which makes it easier to carry, maneuver or drag around. An elastic grommet thread helps the user to quickly tie up and secure the bag without spilling any of its contents.

It is also great for a wide range of applications, such as the disposal of refuse, gardening, and construction. The big size, sturdy build as well as practical design make the bag one of the best dumpster bags.


Capacity: 132 gallons

Weight: 3.8lbs

Material: polypropylene

Size: pack of 3

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions: 14 x 10.2 x 5.2in


✓ Practical design and sturdy build

✓ water resistant 

✓ large capacity 

✓ reinforced bottom and handles

✓ flexible grommet string which helps prevent spills

✓ one-year warranty


× too large for domestic use

× string tends to break

2. Fasmov Super Big Dumpster Bag Heavy Duty Gardening Bags with Double Handle

This large capacity dumpster bag is a product of the Fasmov company. It can hold up to 3,500 lbs of debris without compromise due to its sturdy and practical design. It has a polypropylene woven design and double-stitched reinforced handles, which allows it to take a large amount of stress.

 It can be easily folded and conveniently put away for later use. This bag can survive several years of heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear. 

It can hold a wide variety of debris, ranging from dirt to leaves to shingles, branches, and even glass. If there is a thing this dumpster bag assures you, it’s quality without compromise.


  • Capacity: unspecified (at least 600 gallons)
  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 10.1 x 5.8 inches
  • Weight: 5.45lbs
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Size: pack of 1
  • Warranty: none


✓ strong and durable design

✓ enormous capacity

✓ sturdy handles 

✓ water resistant 

✓ reinforced bottom


× price does not cover shipping

× too large for domestic use

3. The BullBag Portable Foldable Reusable Construction Dumpster and Trash Bag

This is a family-owned dumpster bag service that has made a name for itself in the waste disposal industry.

It even comes with PVC and metal pipes, which can be strategically placed at different parts of the bag to increase its overall strength. It is capable of holding up to 4,500 lbs worth of debris and with a capacity of a staggering eight cubic yards. This makes it almost as large as a ten cubic yard dumpster, with a similar weight capacity.

Due to its strength and sturdy design, the Bullbag dumpster bag is excellent for renovation and remodeling jobs, garage clean-outs, household debris, job-site clean ups, and even gardening and landscaping work.


Capacity: 8 cubic yards, 4500lbs

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 1 inches

Weight: 8oz

Material: polypropylene

Size: pack of 1

Warranty: none


✓ Reinforced by metal and PVC pipes which further adds to its


✓ water-resistant

✓ very strong, can carry more weight than most dumpster bags of similar size

✓ reinforces bottom 


× rods prone to failure

× complaints about broken connectors

4. BNSPLY Leaf Bag – Large Reusable Gardening Leaf Container with 4 Handles – Collapsible Yard Waste Bag – Reusable Yard Debris Bag – Biodegradable Leaf Transport Bag – Garden Mate

The BNSPLY Leaf Bag features a sturdy and durable polypropylene woven fabric body, which is coated with water-resistant polyethylene to prevent leaks from the bag during storage or transport. Each bag can hold up to 72 gallons without tearing or sagging. To make it easy to carry around such, it features four sturdy, double-stitched, extra webbing handles.

It is pretty easy to fold up and stored away for future use. This bag is capable of surviving several years of heavy usage without showing signs of damage due to its sturdily designed body, water, and organic solvent resistant ability and reinforced handles.


Capacity: 72 gallons

Weight: 1lb

Material: polypropylene

Size: pack of 1

Warranty: none

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 1.5in


✓ water resistant

✓ sturdily built

✓ large capacity

✓ durable, double-stitched handles with extra webbing


× complaints about missing grommets

5. mrhippies 120L pp bagster Dumpster in a Bag Garden Leaf Bag Garden Plants and Flowers Garbage Bag barrel garbage Bags

The mrhippies 120L waste bags are tailored for outdoor landscaping and garden work. Therefore you can rest assured that it was designed to handle a lot of beating. For example, it can take branches, rocks, and all forms of debris.

 You can fold the bag and adequately stored it away when not in use.This bag is capable of surviving several years of heavy usage without showing signs of damage due to its sturdily designed body, water, and organic solvent resistant ability and reinforced handles. They were designed with four handles for better grip and portability, two at the bottom and two at the top. 


Capacity: 72 gallons

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 1.5 in

Weight: 1lb

Material: polypropylene

Size: pack of 1

Warranty: none


✓ sturdy and practical design

✓ environmentally friendly

✓ large capacity

✓ multiple uses

✓ water resistant

✓ flexible grommet string to prevent spills


× hard to clean 

× quality reduces over time with continuous use


In conclusion, dumpsters seem like a slightly better option, especially for larger jobs, which can be handled within a few weeks if you are undertaking a smaller project. However, you may prefer a dumpster bag, especially if you can dispose of it yourself and avoid the disposal fee.

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