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Large projects in the home and workplace require a lot of teamwork, supplies, and cleaning. With that cleaning, comes a lot of potential waste. Depending on the project, the cleaning process can make tons of garbage. 

You may be able to recycle a lot of your waste, and some of it will need to be thrown away. A great way to properly dispose of your waste is renting a dumpster to keep outside of where you’re working and keeping it easily accessible. Let’s break down some uses for renting a dumpster. 

1. Home Renovation

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, living room, bedroom or outdoor patio, renovations will involve throwing away a lot before fixing things up. Renting out a dumpster during the renovation process will help ease a lot of the clean-up process. Dumpster rental can usually be reserved for a week or more, or a few days depending on the company. No matter what, you will be able to have lots of time to fill up the dumpster and keep your house clean and organized. 

Allstate highlights here how else to dispose of extra materials from home renovation projects:

If repurposing isn’t your thing, consider selling unwanted metals, including appliances, for scrap, This Old House says. In addition to getting the materials removed, you may make a little money.”

2. Home Cleaning Before Moving

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If you’re about to move or in the process of moving to a new home, renting out a dumpster can be a lifesaver for organizing where everything will go. Getting rid of unnecessary items and junk turns into a simple task.

A lot of people moving to new homes often downsize their possessions as a means of living with less. Throwing out what you no longer need helps reduce your overall waste by living with less. 

Here’s some statistics on how much garbage we use annually, according to TitleMax

“Collectively, out of the 254 million tons of trash Americans can produce in one year, we recycle about 34.3 percent of it. For our average individual, 710.6 pounds are recycled and 1,361.4 pounds of trash are tossed out every year — about the weight of a grizzly bear.”

3. Workplace Moving

If your office is moving to a new location, there will be a purge of what is no longer needed in the office. Things like furniture, appliances, documents, and various items depending on your workplace.

An important question to ask yourself, as outlined on our website: 

Before renting a dumpster for use, you might want to be sure what your needs are. What size of dumpster do you need for your garbage?

4. Event Set Up & Take-Down

If you’re involved in your local community in an event, consider renting a dumpster for clean up. Events can often generate a lot of waste, and if you’re renting out a location or outdoor grounds, you can save a lot of time by having waste services at your event. Giving the option of throwing out waste in the appropriate receptacles will make sure you’re cutting down on outdoor and indoor littering. 

And for take-down, a dumpster will come in handy for any additional waste from food vendors, meetings held at the event, and taking down equipment that is no longer needed. 

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