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The rate at which plastic bottles fill landfills is highly detrimental to the environment. Therefore, the best way to dispose of laundry detergent bottles is to reuse or recycle them rather than throwing them into the trash can. 



Most local recycling programs accept some laundry detergent bottles, depending on the type of plastic. The best way to determine if your laundry detergent bottles are recyclable is to check their resin identification code at the bottom of the bottle. 

A majority of laundry detergent bottles are PETE or HDPE, which are recyclable. A few are made of PS (polystyrene) or Other (Other resin), these are not recyclable.

You don’t have to remove labels from the laundry detergent bottles before handing them over for recycling. The recycling process involves heating the bottles at high temperatures to reach melting point. The labels melt off at some point in the heating process without contaminating the recycled plastic.

However, you need to get rid of any residual detergents in the bottles before giving them up for recycling. Clean the bottles thoroughly. Residual detergents can contaminate other recyclable materials making them unusable. Once the bottles are clean and dry, affix their caps securely for easy processing during the recycling process.


There are unlimited ways you can reuse laundry detergent bottles. Here are 5 ways to repurpose them.

As a Planter

If you are keen on indoor gardening, laundry detergent bottles make excellent planters. You can use them to plant decorative indoor plants, flowers, or herbs. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Thoroughly clean the laundry detergent bottle
  • Using a utility knife, cut off the top part
  • Fill the bottle with a potting mixture
  • Plant your flowers or herbs
  • Place the planter in a well-ventilated area. Regularly water and care for the plant to enable it to grow.

Refill with Detergent

If you know how to make laundry detergent, make some and fill it up in the old laundry detergent containers. Also, if you buy laundry detergent that comes packaged in nylon or a box, you can transfer it to an old detergent bottle for easy storage and use.


There are several ways you can use laundry detergent bottles as organizers. For instance, cut out the top part and use them to store pens and pencils. You could also cut them across into halves to make book or file organizers.

As a Watering Can

Clean the laundry detergent bottle and cap thoroughly. Secure its cap firmly. Drill small holes throughout the cap. Fill the bottle with water and use it as a watering can.

As a DIY Kettlebell

You can use the laundry bottles to make a kettlebell for your home workouts. It will save you on the cost of buying fitness equipment. Clean the bottle and fill it with water or sand to make it weighted. Then, secure the cap firmly to prevent the content from spilling when doing different workouts.

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