How To Clean Garbage Disposal With Ice

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Cleaning your garbage disposal is an important task that should be done regularly. Not only will it keep your disposal running smoothly, but it will also help to prevent odors from developing.

This blog post will show you how to clean your garbage disposal with ice. This is a quick and easy method that will help to remove any food debris or grease build-up.

How to Clean Garbage Disposal with Ice: Step by Step Guide

Clean Garbage Disposal with Ice
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There are several different methods to clean your garbage disposal with ice in just a few minutes, and to top it off; you should scrub the rubber splash guard. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning garbage disposal with ice:

1. Empty the ice into the sink 

If you have an ice maker, you should run water over it to melt any remaining ice. Turn on your cold water first, then remove the ice from the freezer and put it in the sink (but not full blast). Before using the garbage disposal, fill the drain with as much ice as possible.

2. Turn on your garbage disposal 

You may now turn on the garbage disposal after filling your drain with ice and (it’s critical!) removing your hand from the vicinity. It’s possible that this trips the breaker. You may notice all kinds of dirt and gunk rise as the garbage disposal runs. That’s perfectly natural; it means the ice breaks down some of that waste.

3. Add more ice into your drain 

As the ice melts, add more into the drain, but remember that this is time-consuming. To protect your hands, use a utensil. Don’t put your hand in the line of fire; you may need to repeat this step several times because some residues can be stubborn.

4. Finish with citrus fruits

To prevent any odors from returning, cut some wedges from your favorite citrus fruits and place them down the garbage disposal to absorb any smells. Lemon or orange slices will eliminate any odor and keep your drain smelling fresh. To ensure the greatest result, run cool water when placing the wedges at your disposal.

5. Use Splash Guard

The top black rubber splash guard of your garbage disposal may be removed depending on your disposer’s brand and model. If it is, pull it out. If not, don’t force it. Take the little brush off (you might want to use gloves) and clean the removable splash guard with warm, soapy water. Rinse away the soap and grime, then replace it in the sink.

Even if your splash guard is not detachable, you can clean it by lifting a section of the barrier at a time and scrubbing the underside with a soapy sponge or scrub brush to remove any sludge or dirt.

Give the sink a good wash to make things messier. You might be shocked by how filthy the rubber flaps are. To finish, rinse with boiling water.

Want to buy a splash guard?

A splash guard is a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your garbage disposal clean. Splash guards are made of rubber and fit over the top of the removal. They prevent food and other debris from falling into the disposal and clogging.

They’re also removable, so you can easily access the disposal for cleaning. When replacing the splash guard, ensure the disposal is connected to the sink for a tight seal.

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What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Never pour lye or chemical drain cleaners down your garbage disposal, even if you don’t have a well. These may damage the device’s internal components. Also, don’t buy commercial garbage disposal cleaners expecting them to work.

It’s important not to put your hand into the garbage disposal, even if it doesn’t have swirling blades like a blender. You might get a scratch or scrape, allowing germs to grow in the drain. If necessary, use tongs or a long-handled scrub brush to ensure the disposal is turned off.


Cleaning your garbage disposal with ice is an easy and effective way to keep it clean and free of odor. Follow the steps above to get the most out of this cleaning method. Thanks for reading!


How often should you clean the garbage disposal with ice?

It’s best to clean your garbage disposal with ice once a week to keep it free of odor and build-up. However, if your garbage disposal is especially smelly, you may need to clean it more frequently.

What else can I do to keep my garbage disposal clean?

In addition to cleaning it with ice, you can also use a splash guard and citrus fruits to prevent odors. You should also avoid putting your hand into the garbage disposal and pour lye or chemical drain cleaners down it. 

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