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Throwing out your garbage is one of the easiest but most bothersome tasks to do in your home. Getting rid of garbage every week is easy enough, but figuring out where everything goes can actually be a challenge. With every city and state having different disposal rules, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with county rules to figure out what goes where.

While we can all make efforts to make less waste, it doesn’t change the fact that we still produce garbage in our homes. But there are ways to be more eco-friendly in terms of how you dispose of your garbage. Here’s some of our tips on how to reduce your garbage and dispose of it properly. 

Some Items Need Special Disposal

Not everything you want to throw away can be thrown in your regular disposal bin. In fact, you’ll need to dispose of items either by throwing them in the garbage, recycling, green bin, or potentially taking them to your local waste facility.

            Pay attention to what items can’t be thrown in the garbage and which items can be recycled or composted. Most products will have special instructions or symbols on the packaging on proper disposal when you’re done with them.

            Everyday things like packaging wrapping or napkins may just go in the waste, but other items like batteries, old electronics, and even clothing or plastic might need to be disposed of at your local waste facility. 

If you’re looking to throw out old clothes, The Personal suggests donating them instead:

“Need some new clothes? Why not check out your nearest second-hand store? And while you’re at it, the clothes you no longer use could be perfectly wearable for someone else. Try donating them to consignment or thrift shops, swapping clothes with friends, or even repurposing them as cloths and rags.”

Reduce Waste Consumption Where You Can

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One of the most eco-friendly methods to dispose of your waste is to simply have less waste. This is a tough journey that really requires years of slow, small steps. You’ll have to slowly incorporate waste-free actions into your daily life to reduce your waste consumption.

Living a waste-free life may seem impossible, but it’s not out of reach. It doesn’t actually have to mean never throwing anything out again; instead, it means making sure you’re properly disposing of your waste and choosing products that are better for the environment. This can be as simple as changing to a bamboo toothbrush or choosing plastic-free packaging.

Biofriendly Planet explains our waste consumption here:

“It has been estimated that the average person generates 4 1/2 pounds of waste each and every day. Unfortunately not all, or even a large part, of that waste is recycled. Most of it ends up in landfills. This is despite the fact that reports show close to 75% of all solid waste can be recycled.”

Organize Your Waste

It’s not enough to reduce your waste, it’s also important to make sure things are going in the proper waste receptacles. As mentioned before, recycling is so important and one of the easiest things you can do to be eco-friendly.

Before you throw out a food container, look at the packaging labels. Check for any recycling symbols or compost symbol. This means that the container doesn’t belong in the trash, but can actually be recycled.

Many countries have adopted organizing your waste, as it’s mandatory in countries like China and Italy.

UK-based Green Journal says we have to do our part to organize our waste in the right disposal methods:

“The main reason for that is because the garbage industry is not actually a crowded market meaning that there is a small number of companies that do offer a good recycling system. And recycling is the only way towards a zero-waste future. An employee of the local waste disposal company called O’Connor’s Waste Removal told us that a “zero-waste future” could become a reality. However, we don’t only need more good waste disposal companies, but a bigger and more effective recycling industry and a better education.”

Remember that when you’re throwing away the trash, your next bag of garbage going to the curb could weigh much less. Adopt some easy eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste into your home life. Contact us to see what waste disposal services we can offer you.

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