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Keeping your home clean and organized at all times will help improve your health and also reduce the risk of becoming sick often.

Cleaning isn’t enough to keep the germs away. Proper gathering and disposal of waste from the house is also an essential factor. 

Yet, this falls under proper organizing. Researchers found out that trash bags are the best ways of disposing of waste effectively from home.

While trying to keep your home safe from germs and infections, an act of careless waste disposal can cause pollution to the environment.

In this piece, we will dig into the eco-friendly trash bags and the best types to use while trying to keep our home clean.

Are there environmentally friendly trash bags? 

Trash bags are containers used to keep and dispose of waste from home. There are specific scenarios that can cause pollution and harm to the environment. Some of them include:

●careless dumping of waste can cause pollution.

● You are using trash bags that cannot hold your waste. Most often, when your waste is more than the capability of the bag.

● You are using trash bags that are not strong enough for the type of waste.

● You might even be using the wrong method for disposing of the wastes – recycling, incineration, etc.

We can narrow all these environmental pollutants down to a few factors: our method of waste disposal and the quality of the material used to dispose of your garbage.

So, to answer the question stated above, “are there environmentally friendly trash bags?” Yes, there are environmentally friendly trash bags. But, before you can say a trash bag is ecologically friendly, certain factors should be considered. 

Is it globally certified for use?

Before purchasing a trash bag for waste disposal, you need to check if it is certified as environmentally friendly by either ECOLABEL, ASTM, USDA, and so on. This would ensure that what you purchased is of high quality.

Is it strong enough?

An eco-friendly trash bag must be strong enough to withstand the weight of wastes. Trash bags that tear easily are not environmentally friendly.

Is it biodegradable?

A biodegradable material is a substance that can decompose to avoid pollution- air, water, or land. Therefore, an eco-friendly trash bag must be biodegradable.

What are the components of the bag?

The material used to make a trash bag is vital. We have eco-friendly materials the same way we have ones that are not environmentally friendly. Trash bags made of sustainable materials are usually eco-friendly.

Is it durable and leak-resistant? 

Look for trash bags that don’t leak when you store waste in it. There is no point in using a trash bag that leaks easily, causing a bad smell to the environment. You can quickly tell by checking if it seals properly.

Once all these conditions are met, then you can go ahead to purchase your trash bag.

What are the best eco-friendly trash bags? 

As said earlier, environmentally friendly trash bags should be capable of decomposing over a long period. We have stated how to recognize eco-friendly trash bags in the previous section above.

However, we noticed that looking for an excellent eco-friendly trash bag can be difficult. That’s why we took the time to gather a list of best eco-friendly trash bags based on the criteria stated in the previous section.

1. Evolution Trash Bags

Evolution trash bags are mostly used to store and get rid of kitchen wastes. They are well-organized and packaged in rolls. Evolution trash bags usually contain about 120 trash bags in one pack.

It is a great choice when looking for eco-friendly trash bags because they are made with 70% certified PCR material. They are white and features a 13-gallon size.


  •  Post-Consumer Recycled LLDPE certifies it.
  •  It comes with high quality.
  •  Easy to use

2. Hippo Sak Tall Kitchen Bags

Hippo Sak Trash Bags are made specifically for getting rid of kitchen waste. They are made of plant-based materials and are sustainable.

Hippo Sak Trash Bags is manufactured in the USA and 100% certified for use by the USDA. They are durable and robust trash bags making them qualify as eco-friendly.


  •  Can be recycled.
  •  Made of renewable resources.
  • Lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant.

3. JTSC Compostable Trash Bags

JTSC Compostable Trash Bag is the third-best product we found. They are well packed into 100 bags per package.

It is a multipurpose trash bag capable of withstanding lots of waste due to its 13-gallon size and one mil thickness.

This trash bag meets every requirement and 100% certified by ASTM.


  •  Easy to use and store.
  •  Highly durable
  •  It has a large capacity.

Is there an alternative to plastic garbage bags?

Plastic garbage bags are the types of trash bags made with plastic materials. They are usually the most commonly used waste disposal techniques for getting rid of wastes in the home. However, being the commonest, there are also other alternatives one can use. 

After thorough research, the most appropriate substitute for plastic garbage bags is by buying standard kitchen trash bags. These trash bags are usually 100% recycled from original plastic bags.

Do biodegradable trash bags work?

When you say a product is biodegradable, it means it can be broken down by microorganisms such as bacteria. This is to avoid pollution when the trash bags are removed and eventually thrown out.

However, the so-called biodegradable plastic trash bags do not decompose as easy as it is stated. So, in the real sense, some conditions have to be in place before they can rot.

  • The plastic trash bag has to be compostable.
  •  It has to dispose of in a designated facility properly.
  •  Conditions such as temperature and moisture are also determinants.


This article’s emphasis is on two things: Health and Environmental Conservation. These two terms work hand in hand. When the environment is safe, it minimizes the risk of pollution and sickness in the long run. 

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