The following items are PROHIBITED:




Medical Waste

Food Waste & Household Garbage

 Fluids (Chemicals, Solvents, Liquid Paint)* 

*dried out latex paint cans or painted wood is allowed 

Toxic & Hazardous Waste (Batteries, Mercury Containing Thermometers)

Refrigerants and Appliances Containing Refrigerants (CFCs)

Combustibles (such as Oil, Gasoline, or Propane Tanks)

Asbestos & Lead Products, Including Lead Paint

Florescent Bulbs or Ballasts

Railroad Ties




*Per environmental regulations Yard Waste & Organic Materials (grass clippings, leaves, manure, compost, etc) and heavy materials (stone, concrete, masonry, asphalt shingles) are only accepted in some areas. Click here to find out if these materials are accepted in your area and regulations regarding their disposal.

If you need help disposing of banned items, please contact us by phone 855-BAG-PICKUP (855-224-7425) BEFORE using a dumpster bag.

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