We pickup ANY dumpster bag, but why waste money on single use dumpster bags?  

We have a better option for your waste management needs.

Introducing The 3USABLE  3USABLE Reusable Dumpster Bag REUSABLE Dumpster Bag!

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Our Story

After 20+ years in the waste management and recycling industry, our founder recognized just how AWESOME dumpster bags are and decided it was time to offer customers a CHOICE for their dumpster bag removal needs. GREENBAGPICKUP.COM was founded on the simple premise that customers should be able to buy any dumpster bag they want, without being tied to a specific dumpster bag removal company. GREENBAGPICKUP.COM is a waste disposal service that specializes in all things dumpster bag! We pick up ALL dumpster bags FOR LESS! Sure, we think our 3USABLE REUSABLE Dumpster Bag is the best reusable dumpster bag on the market and a great option for those of you interested in green waste management, but we will be happy to pick up any dumpster bag you choose to use.

We aren't some crazy huge waste management firm that is driven by the bottom line. We ARE crazy about providing our customers with great LOCAL green waste disposal services at low prices. If you are looking for a green waste management option that is wallet & eco-friendly, we have the right products and services for you! Think outside the rusty old metal dumpster box and try a dumpster bag. They can handle your toughest jobs from construction waste management, renovation, moving, cleanout, cleanup, and yard debris to simple junk removal.

We partner with local haulers that know your community, it's regulations, and appreciate your patronage when you schedule your dumpster bag removal with us. Our haulers uphold the highest standards in customer service and environmental regulations. We believe that diverting waste from landfills & reducing our environmental impact is the right thing to do- Our customers shouldn't have to pay extra for it. Use a dumpster bag to get rid of your construction debris, flood damaged items, disaster cleanup, or basic junk disposal and use GREENBAGPICKUP.COM for your dumpster bag removal and ensure your waste is responsibly handled.

For more information about our REUSABLE dumpster bags and the waste management & recycling services we offer, further explore our site or call 508-797-4895 


Go Green

We offer REUSABLE dumpster bags, partner with local haulers to cut fuel consumption, and dispose of junk, debris, and organic waste at recycling and composting centers whenever possible.


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